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Freaky Food Fun Answered

Why has no one thought of this before?
Granted, I don't usually have pasta with my hot dogs, but darn it! I will now!
Hotdoghetti anyone?

VIA: boingboing


I'm doing this. My son won't stop talking about this.

Wow!!! kids will love them! I never thought about inserting the noodles into the hotdog before cooking them-brill baby, Brill! :0)

>Runs to ladie's room< Ugh, hot dogs of any kind sound sooo gross right now for some reason.

You need to be drunk - then you can put it down to a "bad pint" - why else would you buy these?


Tourist I suppose?

I think you develop an immunity to street food. By local flavor they mean the street dust and grit settling on the pretzel that you are about to bite in. It's actually quite good if you have a cast iron stomach and know where to go.

I do eat from "mucky-burger-vans" sometimes, and I do have iron-guts. But this has the look of a tourist-feeder to it, you could imagine thieves keeping an eye on it for targets? L

50-50 chance that the stands are manned by undercover police officers or armed terrorists. It's only the dumb criminals that would even think to hold up one.

I meant the people buying from them. You reckon that the guy in the video was an undercover cop (who would blow-it by washing his hands) or a moderate terrorist armed only with natural biological weapons?



Haha, Lisa Burger...

I guess you just have to chalk it up to building a healthy immune system...


:-( I knew it looked funny...

(Is it any excuse I've been studying for hours? No?)

Chill a bit, everything you've actually learned is in your head - "cramming" won't help that much. Like Popeye: "I am what I am" and remember that you're great


I'm dubious about that advice for exams...

There was a nice inspirational message on the wall of my old maths classroom- "What I have learned is what I remember when I have forgotten everything I memorised", which is a nice sentiment, but it doesn't change the fact that a large proportion of the marks I got on any exam after I was about 14 were from memorisation. I can't remember what colour an Fe2+ ion is, or what you use lithium aluminium hydride for, or any of a whole bunch of things I got right in exams at the time.

Now, of course, the facts I could just look up have all disappeared but I remember the principles, which I think is the goal of edumacation, but still- exams, especially science exams, rely on memorisation. "Open book" exams where you are given formulae/tables are better, but I don't remember having many of those before A-level.

It was the impression of hard-cramming that I got, learning facts is important buy the way it's done makes a difference.

The colour of Fe2+ depends upon what is ligated to it, and "Lithal" is generally used as a fairly-hard hydride reducing agent.


Not hard-cramming, just some serious learning. :-)

It looks like jelly fish! you could maybe mix red food coloring with the noodles to make them pink and then the would really look like jelly fish! it would be fun to take to a tropical party!

How the hell did they put pasta through sausages!?!

I thought that almost exact same thought!

They shove the dried pasta through the hot dog slices first, then boil 'em together.


9 years ago

Not cool. Not cool at all.

Oh...that is so very, very wrong. That said, I'll now have to figure out something else that I can make that way. Processed meat by-product, not so much, but surely something else will work. Oh, maybe cubes of ham, and then you could make al carbonara sauce with some peas. It would still be surreal and also yummy.

Yes! I was thinking spam too! But what about the noodles? I don't like plain noodles, and flavoring the noodles would flavor the "meat." I don't like sauce either.

Dried pasta comes in spinach green, sun-dried tomato red, orange-carrot/sweet potato, or black squid ink flavors. Punch that through pieces of italian sausage. Saute with mushrooms, peppers, and onions. After it is cooked, it could be thrown in a cold salad too.

Oh, wow, those flat spinach noodles through italian sausage, with all that... that could be really good!

Actually, that looks like it might be a good idea....makes eating the 'spaghetti' easier (easier to pick up anyways, for those not expert in twirling ;-)

BTW: you never had hot dogs in mac n cheese?

I guess he just pushed dry pasta through the 'dogs, then cooked them L

Are they supposed to look like nerves? 'Cuz they do.

how on earth do you make that !!

Yeah! Just poke dried spaghetti through cut up hotdogs and boil! I can imagine it being served up with a spagettios-type sauce.. .

It's in the title if you follow the link in the topic

! Thanks, I'm a bit disappointed these weren't made specifically as squid/octopus/jellyfish. Will probably have to do something like this! L

Sort of amusing for a few seconds before turning into corporate-excrement... Thanks L