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Free Game: Nuke Ladder LITE

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Here is a free Game Nox game. Nuke Ladder LITE. The full version hasn't been realesed yet.

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2hot2hack (author)2011-07-04

you used game maker

GameNox (author)2hot2hack2011-07-24

Heck yeah!!!

2hot2hack (author)GameNox2011-07-25

i used it in school last year lol its cool

GameNox (author)2hot2hack2011-09-03

Thx! I could have made it better, I fixed a few bugs and tweaked it a bit. I'll update the download soon. Do you use GameMaker?

2hot2hack (author)GameNox2011-09-04

only at school last year

Football viking boy (author)2011-04-30

how do you play?

Did you download the .zip?


Unzip the file given and click on the exe. file calles Nuke Ladder Lite.