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Free Nerf Wallpapers by Nerfrocketeer of instructables.com Answered

Free Nerf Wallpapers! From Nerfrocketeer of instructables.com

NerfWalls presented by Nerfrocketeer (NK). All pictures are free for your use, (as long as you attribute to Nerfrocketeer,instructables.com, and Nerf/Buzzbee).

Created, taken, and edited by Nerfrocketeer.

I am also giving tips on how to take pictures like these. Feel free to ask for more info. You can use these pictures for your instructables as well!


     By using any or all of these pictures, you hereby agree attribute all pictures to Nerfrocketeer, instructables.com, Nerf, and/or Buzzbee. You MAY NOT use these pictures in any inappropriate, disparaging, unlawful, plagiaristic, or spam-related media or other creation. Nerfrocketeer and instructables are NOT affiliated with Nerf, Hasbro, or Buzzbee. Nerfrocketeer, instructables, Nerf, Hasbro, and Buzzbee are NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY PROBLEMS, LOSSES, or ACCIDENTS CAUSED BY THE CREATION AND/OR USE OF THESE PICTURES. Use at your own risk. Pictures may be recalled at any time with little to no notice given. 


Please tell me what you think of these pictures, and if you want any modifications!

(NK is permanent in pictures and will not be removed).

Good job! I especially like the one with the ammo. I just took a picture of my newest mod. What do you think?


Wow that looks incredible! Nice N7 logo! Great work! I'm guessing that was a Stryfe. What do you call it now?

Hi, thanks. Good eye, yes it was a Stryfe.
I don't know, I am not good at naming stuff. It is part of a mass effect series, where every gun has a special function.

Hmm... Interesting! Well its a great mod! (As always). The series sounds pretty cool!

I like the second picture, with all the ammo :)

These are some great photos. You have an eye for composition