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Free Premium Membership for "I made it" Comments Answered

I love when someone posts their version of my ible. It leaves me feeling all warm and awesome inside. I want to encourage you to go out and spread some warm feelings by posting "I made it" comments on some instructables. For your effort, I'll send you a 3 month pro membership!

To get your pro membership:
Find an instructable that will help you better your existence.
Complete the project.
Post in the comments of the instructable by using the "I made it button" and upload a picture of your finished product.
Come back here and post a link to the instructable you commented on.
*Comment must be posted after 6/1/16

I have 10 pro memberships to give away so go out there and make something!


Is this giveaway closed? If yes, then you should edit the post and put "CLOSED" before the title :) If not, I'm in!

This is cool. Seldom that people want to show off if they have made one or they are just too lazy to snap and upload. My Multifunction Paper Tray has several "made it!" by the end of May 2016 or early June 2016 but I think they are not visiting this community section unless being invited :D

I've posted this a couple times before and had lots of takers. This time it's been a lot slower than usual.

https://www.instructables.com/id/Lego-Key-Holder-and-Note-Clip/ :)

Thanks for participating in the community! Check your inbox for your pro code.


1 year ago

I got an I made it on my bicycle rim tape - I didn't make it but you can award the guy who did :)

Great. Now all I need to do is hack Instructables and make it show that I posted the comments today ;)

(Just a question-- Can someone win more than two PRO's?)