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Free Pro Memberships for "I made it" Comments (DONE) Answered

The "I made it" button is almost a year old! I love when someone posts their version of my ible. It leaves me feeling all warm and awesome inside. I want to encourage you to go out and spread some warm feelings by posting "I made it" comments on some instructables. For your effort, I'll send you a 3 month pro membership!

To get your pro membership:
Find an instructable that will help you better your existence. 
Complete the project.
Post in the comments of the instructable by using the "I made it button" and upload a picture of your finished product.
Come back here and post a link to the instructable you commented on. 

I have 10 pro memberships to give away so go out there and make something!


Thanks again to all who participated. I'm all out of pro accounts to give away, but I'll be sure to do this again if I have another pile built up.

i made itttttt

MY ARM.jpg


MY ARM.jpg


Here I made this wallet and it's super cool https://www.instructables.com/id/Thin-Duct-Tape-Wallet/ and I posted an i made it comment.

You got the last one. Thanks for participating! You'll find your pro code in your inbox.

Are there still codes left?

Here is my "Made it" https://www.instructables.com/id/No-Less-than-Legendary/

Fantastic! I'v sent you 3 months pro in a PM.

My corgi's name is Egon.


2 pro memberships left! Keep making.

OK, I understand that.

Hey, you won the wall overhaul, did you receive an email alerting you were a finalist?

I won the superfoods contest and I didn't get an alert - not even a PM!

Happy to do it. Enjoy your 3 months pro. I've sent it to you in a PM. Thanks for contributing!

You have any left? https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-NO-TOOLS-2-MITUTS-LEATHER-CUFF/

500pixel leather wrap bracelet.jpg

I love the paint job you added to it! Thanks for participating. I've sent you a PM with your 3 months pro.

Four pro memberships left! Keep those comments coming.

I made on and it was delicious. Do you still have a free upgrade to Pro left?


Looks yummy! Thanks for contributing. I've sent you a PM with your 3 months pro.

If you have any left, please save one for me. I'll be posting an "I made it" very soon!

I was not able to complete my project, as doing so would break my appliance. I posted and "I made it" anyway, with a photo, so that the instructor could possibly improve his instruction.


I've sent you a PM with your 3 months pro code. Awesome job! Thanks for participating!

Do you have any left?

whatr the advantages of pro? I've received 2, and haven't understood howto navigate making it a reality. Soooo... 1) howto turn on pro-ness that I've gotten, and 2) what's my motivation ;)

If you received the free pro time from Instructables, there's a tab in your account info for pro membership with links you can just click to apply the time. If you received the pro as a gift, here's a link.


The two features of pro that I couldn't live without are the ability to view all steps and print off a pdf. It's so much more enjoyable to browse through an ible by just scrolling to the bottom than to keep clicking "next step" repeatedly. I don't print pdfs often, but it's crazy useful when you need to take instructions to the store to buy supplies or reference in the workshop.

And here's a link to all the pro features.


oh... maybe i did activate it. I recognize some of those features. thought they were just new features available to everyone. dunno. am i "pro"?

if so, will that keep me outa the ible olympics??

Your account is not yet on pro status. You should redeem those membership codes and give it a shot!

Here's one.


I have been making lots of projects from instructables for Christmas presents and I will try to post "I made it" comments for all of them.

Thanks for the pro membership after I get a few stored up I think I will do some thing like this with them.

I've sent you a PM with your 3 months pro code. Awesome job! Thanks for participating!


3 years ago

I love it when Instructables authors are generous. :-)

Well, I have a quite a few pro codes built up from featured ibles, so I thought it was time to share the wealth.


Made a 1 watt blue laser pointer.By the way,can the codes be used later, or do they have to be used immediately?

I've sent you a PM with your 3 months pro code. You can redeem now, save for later, or gift it to someone else. If you are already pro and redeem it now, the time will be added to your current pro time. Thanks for participating!