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Free Wifi for Chromebook Answered


I'm new to your site. I do have  questions that I believe many of you smart folks can answer. I have an Acer CB5-311 Chromebook which, against all expectations, I dearly love. One thing I don't love is the games certain wifi companies like to play in re to access. For example, my apt. complex has free wifi access. Periodically, the wifi goes "down" just after an unsolicited advert pops up (despite  adblocker) asking if I had interrupted service, and wouldn't I rather buy a service contract with x.....(fill-in the blanks) for such and such price. Of course, it is the same wifi our apt. complex purchased (under a different name). So...is there a hack you know of that can help me circumvent this?


No there isn't. If your going to use free Wi-Fi your going to be subject to the ads and restrictions implemented on the network. You also leave yourself vulnerable to being hacked.

Thanks for the information. I appreciate the help.