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Free energy from air ckt......Would this work? Answered

I have to seen dis video on youtube... Wud dis work?




You can suck electromagnetic radiation from things like TV / radio transmitters, power-lines etc. This I don't like the look of, but wouldn't condemn it as unviable because I don't understand it fully.

English may not your first language, but please aim to write better than "I have to seen dis video on youtube... Wud dis work?" - I saw this video, do you think it could work?
(It shows nothing of any value)


Yes, English is not my primary language, I use google translator for translating........but thanx u have understand what i want to say.......

Are you near and strong electromagnetic sources, that you might get power from?


OK, you need to know at what frequency the tower emits, some idea of power-output would help too?
(It's probably illegal for you to do this)


It will work but probably only give you enough power to charge your phone, unless you have a really high antenna.


7 years ago

Keep in mind too that RF is by design low power. The intent is to transmit data not to cook everything around it. Microwave ovens are an example of high power. Put a florescent bulb inside one and it will glow pretty good. But the RF coming from your wireless router will not even heat up an ant sitting on the antenna. Be thankful for that otherwise we would have to wear protective clothing everywhere.

Looks massively overcomplicated for what it's doing, which is simply to receive ambient RF, rectify it, and try to store enough of it to do something with.

An old-fashioned crystal radio demonstrates that it's possible to capture enough energy to stimulate a crystal earpiece. Doing much more than that... no.

Will it work is a variable question.

You "may" get some output - there is a wealth of RF energy transmitted all around us.

Will it work well - No

Will it power anything others than a trivial load - No

Is it worth investing in the components to build it - other than interest - no

Is there anything in this FREE ENERGY thing - No

It's probably a bit easier to strip the insulation off of a pair of wires, and stick one into each hole of a wall plug. You'll get the same AC output, with much higher efficiency. And it's equally "free."

It look like you will pick up the all-pervading 50/60Hz hummmmmmm from any mains in the area, but usable energy? .  .  . no.

The empirical method would be to build it and find out.

It doesn't look like a very expensive circuit to build, so the only thing you'll be out is a few dollars.

Let us all know how it goes.