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Free personal cloud software? Answered

I've been searching around for free personal cloud software but I cant what i'm looking for.
I have a server runnings windows 7 and would like to look for a simple application that allows me to access files from one of the drives. I have tried out Tornido but I find it has too many features and isnt really the software im looking for.
I just want software where you can access files and download them from any pc either by an ip or program.

Any comments will be greatly appreciated!




Best Answer 6 years ago

If you don't like the filezilla idea, you could create a VPN. (You said you have a server... right?) Make sure you are using a public IP, or that you poked the correct pinholes into your firewall, create the VPN, have your other computers connect to the VPN and you are all set! There are plenty articles on how to create a VPN, so just Google it. Another "software" you could consider is either dropbox (gives you 2 gb for free), or skydrive.

No matter what you do, make sure you beef up your security... Truecrypt is your friend. (All of my computers have better than DOD standards on security... but then again I tend to be paranoid.) ;)

- Thank you very much for you replys!

I've looked at both of these today. I think prefer VPN, it looks like it offers what I wan't and it seems pretty light weight. Yep, i've got a server. It serves as a game server and media server at the moment, however I am going to continue to look at cloud hosting. Most of the stuff i've come across seems bulky and not very sleek.

Many thanks


No problem! :) I personally use a VPN, and I love it.

Try Polkast (disclosure: I work there). We connect your iOS or Android devices directly to your PC or Mac over wifi (or internet if you're remote). No cloud storage needed, super fast access to all your files.

We have a freemium model. The free version gives you access to one computer from unlimited mobile devices.The Pro is for people with multiple computers, including our unique PC-to-PC feature. We're grandfathering early adopters to the Pro version for free -- so download now before we launch Pro next month to get in on the early adopter promotion.


Filezilla? Just ftp into your server....

+1... probably the easiest way to do it. The hardest part of filezilla is poking the pinholes in your NAT firewall, but even that is very easy. :)


6 years ago

Do you have an iPhone or iPad ??

Unfortunately not! I do have a macbook though.