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Freescale Programming? Answered

Out of the many samples I recieved last week, the freescale MC908JL8MPE is one of the few that I like the look of. Its a beefy PDIP with 28 pins, unlike the many TQFNs I've recieved I could actually solder this (well no need as it fits in a breadboard). But my problem is, there doesn't seem to be many easy-to-follow tutorials for programming these microcontrollers. The only simple solution seems to be to buy £100 programmers.. which I'm not too keen on. Is there a simple way to program them via parallel/serial or maybe using my usbtiny to program an atmel chip to program the freescale chip? Thanks.

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westfw (author)2009-06-09

Did you read chapter 7 of the datasheet on the "monitor rom" ? Basically, a lot of the freescale (motorola) chips include some code in ROM (not erasable) that will run when the chip is brought up in "debug mode", and that code implements a serial bootloader and usually some other stuff. There's a pretty simple circuit there that shows how to connect it to a standard serial port. After that, it's just a small matter of software (alas, I don't know of any software that already supports this sort of thing. Google turns up http://www.noicedebugger.com that looks promising...)

Alternately, it would be a similar (significant by not difficult) effort to put code in a small atmel chip that would assist in doing similar things.

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brunoip (author)2009-06-08

I'm in the same trouble that you

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