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Freeze Silicone ? Answered

Silicone earplugs:
Damaged by freezing? Y/N?

How closely are these earplugs related to silicone caulk? Is silicone caulk ruined by freezing?

The earplugs are currently in my car24-7.  bad idea in December?


If I remember correctly, you live in Colorado (or some other freezing place, was it Chicago?)...

I don't think silicone will get damaged at 0 degrees, but what temperatures are you talking about? I thinks it depends on the type of silicone...

If you have replaceable ones, put them in the freezer and let us know!

Colorado. recently in the single digits. It will get colder occasionally.

But then there was today. 60F!!

15 Degrees C? Doesn't sound like a problem. Silicone molds are used for making ice cubes in the freezers which are way colder...

sometimes it hits 0F. Or... um... -15 C? The silicone in earplugs seems to be semi-cured. So it's halfway between goo and rubber.

Silicone rubber stays flexible to about -50°C or -67°F - so for that nothing special required unless you need it to be warm.
Silicone caulk is quite different, cured and uncured.
Uncured it should not be frozen.
The cured stuff, depending on the grade will go a bit harder at very cold temps but other than that be fine.

I guess your plugs are made from silicone rubber so nothing you need to do to keep them safe.
But if it gets below -90°F you risk breaking it when you bend or stretch them - I would not put them in my ears if that cold anyway ;)

Makes sense, I think I could only imagine something from silicone breaking if it's in liquid nitrogen...

silicone earplugs are kinda weird. Like half dried caulk. Sorta like caulking your ears. Used by swimmers, they keep out water as well as noise.

AFAIK there is no chance to ruin silicone by cold temps.
It goes a bit hard and stiff but that is all.
With enough force you can rip it apart easier but I don't think it goes brittle or so.
But all depends on the temperatures you encounter...

If it is a problem make an Ible about a heated earplug box for winter use ;)

any ideas on the freeze protection box? Sometimes it is food, or water bottle or paint for a job. Gets old taking it out of the car at night.