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Frequency driver HV generator circuit Answered

Dear all...
At this circuit please help me to know:
- How many cycle (frequency)and duty cycle : time high and low  (percent) for  better driver this circuit.
Sorry for more question.If I change other transformer (ferrite core)and driver by 555 timer, frequency  and duty cycle must   be modifier or not ?
                                     Thank you in advance

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Josehf MurchisonBest Answer (author)2013-07-17


It is whatever signal you put into it see the terminal marked input signal.

Values of the components would be nice.

Without knowing the part number of the transistors cant even tell the maximum frequency of the transistor.

Now if you want a driver circuit for a circuit like this a 555 timer circuit at 33 % duty cycle 2 MHz if T2 is a 2N3055 and the coil likes it.

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lam (author)2013-07-18

Dear Josehf Murchison and Iceng
Thank you so much for your time help me.I will to try your guide. Thank you again.

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iceng (author)2013-07-17

I don't see the need for the snubber circuit RC1 it may even stress T2...
and what Josehf pointed out

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