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Fresh Brains! Answered

Quote: "I've promised Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall the brains to cook with." Question 1 (just for fun) Who said this and what were they talking about? Question 2 (topic reason) Does anyone have any good recipes for brains. I believe calf-brains are popular in some parts of the US(?)



11 years ago

Delicious grossness! :P

hehe..theres an asian delicacy called torpedo soup..main ingredient is a bull's reproductive organ (hence the name torpedo)...
supposedly good for your..erm torpedo.. :)

oh people at the table across from me in chinatown had that. it was a wedding too.....


10 years ago

Cow brains seem to be one of those foods that you cover with cracker crumbs and fry in butter. It that point they probably taste like ... buttery fried things. Yum? Haven't had them, probably wouldn't order them, but I'd be willing to taste... Had some "sweetbreads" (veal pancreas or thymus) at Julia's Kitchen and some Foie Gras (mistreated-duck liver) at Domaine Chadon in Napa last weekend. Yummy. (16th wedding anniversary!)

Delicious. Don't forget that veal is mistreated-cow... L

Depends. Veal is an unavoidable by-product of the dairy industry (males are just SO useless.) The amount of mistreatment is pretty variable and subject to a lot of interpretation (more so than force-fed ducks, IMO.) For organ meats, I don't think they need the controversial 'Milk fed' treatment.

Yes, even drinking milk is murder... L

So is killing another member of the species homo sapiens sapiens. Oh.....

chicago hasa ban on foie gras due to cruelty, now the french smuggle it over in through indiana or wisconsin, sorta like prohibition or smuggling moonshine.... only with mistreated goose, not duck.

The species is Homo sapiens. Homo sapiens sapiens is a subspecies.

Unrelated and obnoxious, but a pet peeve.

dude dont u ppl watch feasting on asphalt? with alton brown? he ate brain sandwich! u know, using hog heads is illegal. brain is 0K


10 years ago

If brains aren't appetizing, you can always use 'em to tan hides...

What was that Hannibal Lecter film where he took the top of a dude's skull off and fed him his own brains while still alive? Garlic and olive oil were involved I think... L

can you get cow brain anymore? you can get mad cow disease from eating it...
maybe look up souse... its head cheese, but thats what i have always heard it called. as for actual recipes, i dont have a clue. i did have a teacher that would eat it fixed with rice, but it was a nigerian recipe.
a google searched turned up a few recipes... as for how good they are i have no idea.

The only place I've ever known of cow brains being eaten was in Africa (I saw it on tv and apparently there pretty common and aren't that bad after you try them). But I know in the US some people eat rocky mountain oysters (which are cow nutz)

. Brains were quite popular here in the South US. Not so much anymore. I don't remember anyone calling it a delicacy - mainly eaten by rural people who raise animals for slaughter (waste not, want not). . Try searching for . soul food . Cajun cooking

Try looking in the instructable for cow's tongue, there were a few comments in there about cooking brain I belive.

I have never heard of eating such a thing.