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Friction drive weedeater bike? Answered

I am wanting to make a weed eater bike and I am having trouble figuring out how to get the bike peg onto the clutch shaft. Can I just thread the clutch shaft with a tap and die set (which I don't have). Would it work if I put the clutch shaft against the wheel instead of putting a peg on it? Also, how hard is it to mount the engine with angle iron since I don't have a welder?


I personally haven't made a weed-eater motored bike, but since THIS AUTHOR has, they should have the answers you need. They also say they mounted the engine without welding.

Just post your questions to the author in the comment section of that ible and wait for the author to reply.

I posted a comment to the author but didn't really find much about what I needed. on the post. I appreciate your comment though. Thanks.

Yes, I noticed there isn't much to the instructable, but since the author has responded to previous questions, I figured it would be a benefit to post there.

Someone else may respond to your question here (who may know the answers to your questions), but if not, getting a response from the author of that ible may be your best bet.