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Fridge Magnet Challenge Winners! Answered

You've voted, and here are the results!

Congratulations to everyone who entered- you posted some great ideas, and hopefully your refrigerators look more interesting now! Please note that we only used the positive ratings to judge this contest- negatives were thrown out, and did not figure into the vote totals.

First Prize: Page Views
The winner receives an Instructables Robot t-shirt and a Magnetic USB card reader kit.
Credit-Card Flower Box (Fridge Magnet) by PocketSized

First Prize: Ratings
The winner receives an Instructables Robot t-shirt and a Magnetic USB card reader kit.
Magnetic random number generator for your fridge!! (Die) by steven07

Runners-up: Ratings
The winners receive an Instructables Robot t-shirt.
100% recycled magnetic bulletin board! by drinkmorecoffee
Dieter's Face-Changing Bear Fridge Magnet!! by momo!
Fridge Magnet: Out of Keyboard Keys by llama13
Ouch! That must hurt! Fridge Magnets by 5Volt
Posable Mr. Resistor Magnet! by technick29

We'll run more of these speed contests in the months to come, so everyone will have a chance to enter and win.

Winners, check your Instructables inbox tomorrow afternoon- I'll send you a private message with instructions on claiming your prize!


Congrats to everyone! You all did a really great job. :)


11 years ago

Darn... If only I had entered earlier :) Oh well... Looks like the office supply challenge will be fun.

Congratulations to everyone. These were pretty cool. I think that to get the best Instructables out of everyone, these mini-fast contests are awesome. I am looking forward to the ones in the future!

That's the idea- it's a low barrier to entry on a simple subject with broad appeal. It's more a question of having a well-executed particularly bright idea than doing something hugely involved. The longer contests take care of that. ;)

Exactly. In retrospect, I should have posted my idea for making magnets "stick" to stainless steel fridges. But I was busy like crazy :P I remember when I first was watching these contests take place, and I thought I'd need something outstanding to win, but since this is such a small userbase, I bet something I could come up with would be decent. :P

OH i never win anything! This has been a really fun contest thanks everyone : )


11 years ago

That was a fun little contest! Rocking job everyone!


11 years ago

I was so close to win by page views. ;( But still PocketSized made better instructable. Congratulations.


11 years ago

Thank You. 'grats PocketSized & steven07!!

Dang :P there is always next time :D

I won a t-shirt! awesome! Good job everyone!

Ooo. I won a stylish T-Shirt and USB thing. I'm really pleased. It's very rare I win anything. Well done everyone, and a big thank-you to everyone who rated/viewed my Instructable and left a kind comment. It was greatly appreciated.