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Frozen Soap Bubbles Answered

Some clever person figured out that if you give soap bubbles enough time to fall to ground on a very cold night, by the time they reach it they will be frozen. Of course, pictures have ensued. Check them out as they are quite beautiful

Thanks Boing Boing!


in the reflection it kinda looks like a man with no head. scary

I know a way to make "frozen" soap bubbles that you can hold and toss around. Send me a message and i will give you the recipe for the solution.

Still have that recipe on hand? I would be interested in knowing how this is done, if you have the time to explain it to me. Thanks

oh canu give me the recipe to i want to fasinate my sister and while at it give u the credit okay.

 theres an instructable tht i made called frozen bubbles check tht out.

Just a bit of advice.....it is never good to place a "readable" email addy on a public forum.  Spammers find this too easy pickins ;-) 

I am sooo going to do that this winter!

I just posted an Instructable called frozen bubbles about two minutes ago with the recipe, tips and ideas. Please rate and comment!!!!!!.

Sooo beautiful! It probably so frozen you can hold it, maybe even toss it around... :P

no i bet the layer of ice is so thin it would melt right away

Well, first you dip your hands in liquid nitrogen. xD

Then your face. Then you punch your frozen head with your frozen hand. Feels amazing!

haha... i think you wouldn't feel a thing... :P

This deserves an I'ble, or at least a Slideshow! Please post after you've had someone take pictures of you :->

how do you get frozen bubles can you teach me how to do it

soooooooooooooo beeee uuu ti ful

This patterns are beautiful...too bad I live in florida.

Oh well, i live in florida too...wowwwww........... they are pretty...........

Cool Idea try spraying deodrant into the bubble mix then make the bubble freeze like you did put a lighter under the frozen bubble see if it bursts into flames

thought of this when i was 8 works fine with your breath


9 years ago

wowwwwww how did you do that?!!

I guess it would never occur to you to follow the link and actually read the article?

Or were you asking how Randofo created a forum topic? If so, click on the SUBMIT link at the top of every I'bles page, and read it.

Does you people see this every winter? I mean many people are amazed by how cool it is but I'd tought that It was so common as snow angels and tongues on poles for people living in countries with seasons. everybody is like a *NEW* discovery on Winter2008.

Really Nice!


9 years ago

What do you suppose happens to the bubbles when they reach the ground? Does the bubble just burst since the layer of ice is still incredibly thin, or will they sit for long enough to transport them into the freezer? Lovely find, that is pretty.

. Using the last few pics at the link to guide me, I'll guess that they will not be much stronger (if any) when frozen and will burst on contact with the ground.

Probably depends on how quickly your bubble is falling.

Wow! That is very impressive!

I've heard of doing this before but no luck in my climate...

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9 years ago

That is just plan awesome.

Wow I got to try this sometime

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Those are spectacular pictures; thanks for finding them! The first one is oddly uniform, but the next three really show the dendritic crystal growth (freezing), and you can even see domain walls where different regions came into contact. The one with an almost perfect "equatorial" domain wall is quite extraordinary.

The equatorial one could be from either temperature difference or maybe wind?

As long as it wasn't southernly... Bubbles are dangerous from there...

Ace ! That's beautiful !

Very pretty! I bet I could do this in my apartment right now. :P

that is amazing... wonder if you blew them into liquid nitrogen, would you be able to stop them bursting?


9 years ago

Wow, those are amazing. I'm also curious about the temperature needed to do this, I'll have to go outside and try, though I doubt it's cold enough here in Vancouver.

. Since the bubble film is so thin, my guess it that it doesn't have to be that cold. It would be interesting to find out how cold it was when the pictures were taken.
. Let us know how your experiment turns out.

but the air you blow in it isnt cool try to use cool (about freezing) air from compessor and not from your breath