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Fully-Function Retractable Grappling Hook Gun Vs Jetpack Answered

 Hi. I'm new to this site that I discovered on my quest to create the above mentioned item. A fully-functional retractable grappling hook gun. Vs, however purchasing a jetpack. I need blue-print of how to make a strong enough retractor, I already have a grappling hooking in mind. Here goes.  Nothing like planning to dawn a cape, just like to keep up with the times. Been into mobility for awhile.Thank you.


Just wondering if you had any particular winch in-mind.

If you are planning on making this a wearable item, along the lines of Batman, there was an interesting Mythbusters episode on the subject...

Look up "winch" and design to your static and dynamic load requirements. Size, power, and cable design need to be considered also.