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Fun Summer Camps! Answered

Hi, I am looking for some fun summer camps/ job opportunities/internships . I live in Wisconsin but I am could travel to where the camp is. Also I used to Live in the Bay area so it would be nice to go to a camp or get an internship some where in that area. I am currently 14 (Will be 15 in July) so that will limit my possibilities. I enjoy electronics, hiking, building things, surfing and many other things of that nature. Any suggestions, thoughts or comments? Thanks In Advanced, Joe


Go work for instructables in cali

In my dreams, That would be so cool!! I would love that! I don't know java though and thats what they are in need of. Maybe I could be their bitch? I can see it now Eric -"Rookie, go fetch me a glass of salt water from the ocean" Me- "But How Why?" Eric-"Just do it!!" haha

In San Carlos, CA (Bay Area), there is summer camp that pays $11 starting. They hire 16 year olds or older unless you are amazing in the interview. Very fun but you must be committed to the whole summer. You could work with me:)

Sounds like fun, may I ask what the camp is called? My sister is working in La Jolla this summer so this could work. Thanks for the info.

Yeah sure. It is called San Carlos Park & Recreation Summer Camps. You would be applying for the job as a summer leader. La jolla is very far from San Carlos. Not sure how that would work. :\

Yeah, I read it to quickly my bad. It's a 8 hour drive. Thanks for the info. I will look into it. :)