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Fun, free "DIY Summer Reading Camp" just started from Education.com Answered

Hey everyone,

I work for Education.com, and we just kicked off a super fun (free!) camp we thought the Instructables gang might love.  It's a DIY Summer Reading Camp. Everything you need to host a summer’s worth of fun for your kiddos, while also sneaking in a bit of learning that will keep them off the dreaded “Summer Slide”.  (Did you know that kids who don’t read during the summer can go back to school in fall up to THREE grade levels behind where they were when they left for summer break?  Scary huh?)  Each week has a theme your kids will love (“Bugs”, “Heroes”, “Make Music”, etc) and at least a dozen activities you can do with your kids using materials you likely have around the house already.  You can pick and choose which activities to do each week and you can go through the themes in any order you’d like.




What a great idea! :D I'm going to pass this on to my sister, I think my nephews would love it!

That's a cool idea - parents could work together in neighbourhoods as well, running local reading clubs at libraries or in garden sheds.