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Fun knex gun to screw around with? Answered

Are there any knex guns that are good for just playing with. not specifically for war. range doesn't have to be huge but should be ok. It also would be nice if it is something innovative. I right now have a HIGHLY modified desperado pistol. it is great but isn't fun to play around with anymore.


try i_am_canadians heavy cannons

The TR is a war gun, but you can easily screw around with it and mod it to your liking. There have been custom TR's made that could almost be considered a new gun in their own right. Note that I said almost.

Another one would be the Basic Assault weapon by The dunkis. That had a really simple and basic design and you could mess around with it easily as well.

Build a TR or a replica. Maybe my mp5k.

The rihno pistol from k-dawg its fun to mod i made 3 different mods tothe mag to make it work put bayonets on it and made a great aiming system but still working on more its pretty fun