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One thing I love doing with my friends is taking weird pictures. I recently got a suit for free (aww yea) and I saw the chance to do something ive always wanted to do.

I need funny ideas for pictures with tuxedos. SO far I got:

  • Get some tophats and take some rich pictures (this ones just for me and my friends, injokes and such)
  • Men in Black When I first sported my suit at a party, two girls (yes cute!) came up to me while I was listening to songs on my ipod, and they said: you look like an FBI agent or something. One pair of sunglasses later, as well as remembering one of my favorite instructables, this idea was born. I gotta make the guns now...
  • Billy the puppet, from Saw. I have the suit, and now I gotta make the mask. I also got a little girl bicycle (dont ask why...)
  • Tuxedo+Guy Fawkes mask+cape+hat=awesome ( I KNOW HE DOESNT WEAR A SUIT! I KNOW! That doesnt mean it wouldnt look cool! SHEESH!!!)
  • Also, Im gonna take a picture of with the Billy the puppet mask and a tophat, because you can never have too many pictures with tophats in it.

Can you think of anything else?

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=SMART= (author)Keith-Kid2009-07-27

I am supprised im the only commenter

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Goodhart (author)2009-07-27

Using a hoodie under the jacket, you could either have: The mafia from the hood OR The Tux Monk

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=SMART= (author)2009-07-24

Tuxedo with Ibles robot head would be very cool

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Keith-Kid (author)=SMART=2009-07-24

Oooh, nice. GASP. Someone needs to make an Instructables Robotux. We already have the hoodie!

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