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Futon mattress repurpose Answered

My daughter's feline urinated on her futon mattress; thought I might get some repurposing suggestions before burning it.


Suppose it depends on your interests.

Roll it up and encase it in duct tape. Stand it on end and use it for a heavy bag (punching bag).

Take up archery and use it for an arrow stop.

Burning it isn't such a bad idea...the stuffing mixed with petroleum jelly or hand sanitizer and then packed into the aluminum tins that are left over from tea light candles make good camp fire/fireplace starters.

Cut the bad spot out of the cover and then strip down the rest into half inch strips. Weave strips together to make cordage.

Re-purpose the fabric and stuffing once cleaned or separated into stuffed animals.

Really it's just fabric and stuffing. Think of things you use fabric for or things that need some padding.

You could take part in some 'hard core recycling'...if the cover fabric is stained or damaged beyond repair, and the filling is salvageable, just remove the cover fabric.Put the filling loosely in a couple of pillowcases, tie the ends off and wash with hot water and vinegar to disinfect properly. Wash the whole cover,cut out the salvageable parts to make floor or chair cushions or something like that. Save any buttons or zippers, for future projects. :)

OR...if the cat only urinated on the bottom (where you sit) then cut the darn thing in half (make sure to cut the fabric long off the bottom half, so you can sew the open end closed!) and use the top long half of the futon as a bench cushion or a long skinny pet bed (actually works well if you have several small dogs that sleep together!)

Just a few ideas, hope that helps!

Meaning, re-stuff it with cats? Yeah, that indeed sounds 'bout right.

Cat bed?