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GBA SP Case Modding Answered

I have an idea, you know how you got some laptops (macs) that when turned on you get the glowy picture on the back the screen. Well I want to do that with the GBA SP. Has anyone attempted this, or think its a "bright" idea? Any and all feed back would be great


Yea, I've already opened it, I think the screen itself will give off enough light after I peel off the sponge that is glued to it. I guess the screen moves around in the case? Anyways if i simply cut out my "logo" what should I use to fill the hole that is still clear enough that the light will make it thru, and sturdy enough that it wont get accidently pushed out?

Don't cut out the "stencil" of your logo that you will be using. You want the outside to remain flat and looking like the original case so that the logo will be invisible when the light is turned off. You need to grind away at the plastic on the inside and leave a thin layer of plastic. Using a dremel might be dangerous because you can't judge how deep you will cut. Maybe patient sanding with a small file, sandpaper or the grinding bit by hand will work. Hold it up to the light every so often to make sure you don't go through. Fill up the crater with clear epoxy puddled up in the crevice.

This is what I'm trying to do, when the SP is on the logo lights up. Obviously a smaller logo since the SP is much smaller, but the same idea


Have you cracked the case open to see what kind of plastic it is made of? I would think you could thin it out from the inside to carve out your logo and maybe reinforce it by filling it back up with clear resin. I don't know if the plastic can be thinned out enough to transmit light or that glow if the plastic is really opaque. Would you need to hook up another LED to light it up? Maybe just put a flashlight behind the edge of the case to see if the plastic might transmit light in a way that looks bright enough. Good luck.