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GBC (Game Boy Color) -- How can I go about replacing the screen with a larger LCD screen? Answered

Here is the quandary: I picked up my Game Boy Color again and I'm finding it difficult to see. That made me curious, I took it apart and I'm wondering now if I could replace the screen? It connects into a simple ribbon connector port on the back of the circuit board. Fairly generic, no? The two issues here are: 1. I cannot seem to find any information on the LCD screen other than the size and type. I can find Nintendo authorized replacements but I am looking for a larger screen. What is compatible? 2. If I do find a larger screen that I can use (I'm looking for something the size my palm, roughly, perhaps a bit smaller) will the GBC's battery be able to sustain powering the larger screen? How does that work out? I know this is a bit obscure. Thanks for any advice/help/tips/ideas that can be given. Cheers!


You cannot just perform a straight swap for a bigger sreen, If you would like to youe a bigger the screen the only way I know of is to use a GBA and a GBA transverter. On the Benheck forums member "Bateria" made something called the " Bigboy advanced" Which had that very setup connected to a 5" PSone screen.

Check out the forums @ http://forums.benheck.com

If it has the same number of pixels and same interface one would work - but finding one would be near impossible I think :( gba's can play gbc games...and they're a bit bigger.

Hah, that is exactly the problem though. I can't seem to find any information about this particular screen, therefore, I cannot begin to search for a replacement. I have a GBA lying around somewhere. I'm looking to up-size a bit more to a 3rd party screen. Is rewiring the circuit-board out of the question?

it's rewiring some of the smallest traces you've ever seen. Not to get you down too soon, but I think its damn near impossible.