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GPS Locator?? Answered

My brother and I are currently working on an air launcher projectile.  It is highly likely that it could go .5 to 1.5 miles.  We have the ability to test at this distance, however locating this costly projectile is likely to be difficult.  We have looked into gps trackers, however the cheapest one that would actually work was 500 dollars and if we had that kind of money we wouldn't need a gps tracker on the thing in the first place.  I just wondered if there was a quick and dirty way to make a short range locator.  I have heard of little bluetooth tracking stickers, but I wasn't quite sure if that would work to find a 1 foot long projectile in a square mile field.  This locator needs to be extremely shock resistant, fit in a container 7" by 1.5" and must weigh a minimal amount. We also are looking hopefully below 100 @most 150 dollars. 


you cam check http://www.spydelhi.in/ that website there are many Gps Locators and you can find whole working of it and many more.

Low power FM radio
transmitter, yagi antenna, receiver Classic tracking method for animals.

Are there any links to places I could learn to make one of these?

Why, yes! Instructables.com: low power FM transmitter, Yagi antenna.

You might also try typing those same keywords into a more general search engine (10^100 comes to mind, but perhaps a short musical tone might be more your style...).


5 years ago

Lots of low tech things available.
If you are getting there right away a smoke cartridge would work.
Visual things like streamers and bright colored parachutes.
Sound emitters, like the chirping of a smoke alarm. That would be loud enough to hear for some distance.
High intensity Strobe lights.
Your biggest problem might be with the thing burring itself from the impact.
Splatter paint packages
Lots of things might work. But Nothing will be foolproof. Like when you drop a screw from a notebook on the floor and it vanishes out of existence.

I had already decided on a buzzer, i like the fire alarm idea even better though because it will be much more audible. My only concern is that this has a tolerance of about a mile so hearing that could be quite difficult. I am thinking of doing a compound smoke and alarm. It is going to be quite large, and brightly painted so near range locating shouldn't be too hard. Thanks!