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Okay so my garde 6 graduation is coming up. im looking for a dress...hopefully a neat-casual style. im muslim so i need to cover up a lot....any ideas?

(PLEASE no haters. i know im muslim but im full blood auzzie and just like everyone else!)



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It would seem to me that a shopping trip in on the schedule for you either to dress shops or to the sewing store for a pattern and fabric. There is no reason why you can't satisfy your Muslim needs and your graduation dress needs with the same article of clothing. but you may have to shop around to find what you want to wear.

was that to b nice or was it sarcastic?

Now you have, me concerned, about children in today's schools.
If the dress is not perfect are classmates apt to slam someone ?

In my schooling graduation was after passing 8th grade at the 
end of a school year !

Just realized you are in Australia and the school year might be at the end
with beginning of summer in the hemisphere that sees the southern
cross in the night sky.

Do you also graduate from the 8th grade ?

I'm an Engineer that is as nice as I can be.

thankyou for all your sugestions. unfortunately, i didnt c them b4 my grad bcoz im new to instructables and i didnt know where to find my question again! but anyways, i found a realy nice dress, and graduation was AWESOME! thanku again

Hey, my frnds muslim so im having my graduatuin this yr too and she said shes gonna wear a maxi dress with a blazer jacket or

if u were jst being nice, than thnx :)

Are there any Muslim women in your family who may have worn a dress for a formal occasion?


I think both recommendations you've gotten are good ones. If you want to buy something "off the rack," a department store with a reputation for catering to older women (in the U.S., Nordstrom's) would be a good place to go. Failing that, try stores which focus on business attire (i.e., not college students going clubbing).

Depending on how orthodox you and your family are, you may have to go to a tailor/dressmaker. The easiest solution would be to find one who is themselves Muslim (ask your imam), since they're more likely to already know the regulations, and much less likely to question or criticize you for them!

Good luck, and congratulations on your upcoming matriculation!

I am Jewish and have a similar problem when buying dresses. They always have to cover my arms and go at least down to my knees. I know how hard it can be to find a dress that is appropriate.

I'm not sure how much you would like to spend but I find that dresses that cover up enough are usually between $100-$300 USD (not sure how much that would be in AUD). I usually find modest dresses in the U.S. at stores such as Nordstroms or Neiman Marcus (these are high end stores and I'm not sure what the equivalent of these stores would be in Australia). If you are having trouble finding a dress that is appropriate, an easy solution is to buy a sleeveless dress and wear something over it.

I would recommend buying your dress in a store instead of online because dresses can look very different on you then they do in pictures. For example I purchased a cute dress online that looked like it would go down to be knees. When it arrived, I realized that I probably couldn't even wear it as a shirt!

Good luck finding your dress! If you have any additional information such as what the exact restrictions are and how much you would like to spend, I can give you some more information.