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Game: Instructables Robot, World Explorer Answered

The Instructables Robot loves wheeling around all day at home, but it yearns to see more of the world! It's been to a couple of interesting places in the past, but that's not enough.

Our challenge to you: what's the coolest place you can bring the Instructables Robot? We want you to take a picture of the Robot in these locations and post them here. Instructables at the top of a tower? Instructables around the world? You decide!

If you've ever seen the movie Amelie or heard of the travelling gnome prank, think of the various places the gnomes are photographed. The Robot could take those gnomes any day.

The Robot could be a print out (see hi-res Robot images), an Instructables t-shirt, a sticker, a paper model, anything. Then, you simply need to take a picture of the setting with the Robot in it.

Final rule: No Photoshopping!

See below for some ideas. The Robot has its bags packed and is ready to go...


He went to the Ninja world in mah space ship


9 years ago

Robot visited some modern bridge architecture, unfortunately he only had his shallow depth-of-field optics inserted.


I took this by the lake at Sunbanks at sunset. I have robot sticker on my phone so he goes with me to lots of places :D I also have a bunny sticker on my phone...


he has now been to a caravan park in south wales LOL


I know I'll take him to California with me when I go in July! Yeah!

He is already here (my house and Instructables HQ)

You can still bring it though.


10 years ago

If you've ever seen the movie Amelie or heard of the travelling gnome prank

That was awesome!

I'm going to bring my robot shirt to most of the places I go this summer :D


10 years ago

I would take him into where I live which even has a REAL fort and like 10 important places and a boss to kick in the erm...bottom

its coming once I got my color cartridge refilled

Haha, Instructables Robot got "shanghai-ed" and went to New York to check out the waterfall art under the Brooklyn Bridge. He is wearing his "I'm with GorillazMiko" shirt! Robognome couldn't come along so we took =SMART='s paper robot.


Today we went to a model jet airplane meet in Brooklyn, New York City. The SST is the one from the Intrepid aircraft carrier museum currently undergoing renovations in drydock. You can see the massive Rolls-Royce turbojet engine. Of course, we took our new Robolocity Roaming Instructables Robot along for the pictures.

You can see picture comments here.


Somebody has to work this complicated camera...I think you look in this small window and...


Sorry Caitlin. We'll wash off the coal stains from your body and take it again.


Not again!

I know how to do it, my dad just likes it on when we go on vacation and stuff.

At least I knew what :P meant!

A most excellent idea, joshf. I iblers are using the paper model, they could write the url on the model, then abandon it somewhere unusual, after ontaining photographic evidence.

ill upload a new template with Instructables.com - the worlds biggest show and tell,

Let's see the robot in london! You could get a picture of the robot at Buckingham Palace, and at Big Ben, and the tower of London, and a zillion other cool places!

Hi Everyone, I have uploaded a template for the paper robot which also has "instructables.com - the worlds biggest show and tell" printed on it, This is so you can assemble it and leave it in public places or give to your friends and thus bring more visitors to the site ! The PDF is attached below, if you want me to add anything just ask, i'd be happy to help :D

When I got to Florida, you know the robot's coming with me. Until then, the robot can visit Pennsylvania?


10 years ago

I'll help start this out! I took these in Salina, Kansas out on my grandpa's (who is 100 years of age) farm. I had an idea of a game like this, but never started it.


. I always thought Robot was outstanding in his field. Now I have proof!

You picked Kansas for the coolest place you could bring the Instructables robot? Wow. Maybe I'll take him up to the balcony of the Kansas Capitol Building-They recently renovated the steps.


10 years ago

Here is an image that you all can use. I just photoshopped the hand on the image above. The mouth too. I'm taking it to Florida.

Robot point.jpg

I might actually use some of my robot stickers for this... I've been saving them for nothing... lol

Oh. Whoops, I thought it just meant bring him anywhere. I'll bring him to Disney World. About those steps, are they granite?

Wooden, I think. These are the steps leading up to the dome. They start off winding around the edge, then go straight out over the rotunda.

I believe that most of the rest of the building is limestone. Most places in Kansas, if you dig down about two feet, you'll hit a bed of limestone, formed from the shells of billions of little sea critters that used to live here. Granite probably would have had to be shipped here from Colorado, and it was built before the miracle of I-70.

I got some places, but It will take me at least a week to get them all.......I love my island.....

Thanks for including my robot joshf :D now i just have to go somewhere cool :P