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WOOHOOO!!! I was the programmer for my school's gamemaker team, And we won state!!

cool, maybe you should try something coded, I use python. It's a good start for coded programming.

www.python.org *NOT* python.com. I made the mistake of going to python.com and it is *bad*. Anyway, on python's website you can get all releases from python for DOS to the newest (beta and stable) version(s) you can even sign up to be a tester for the beta.

hehehehe "bad, Hmmm"? lol Are you sure it was an axcident? kidding. Thanks.

lol yeh it was an accident, just warning, No problem

oh wow now I feel really stupid. lol look how I spelt accident above. I'm representing curry county in a state spelling bee soon!


8 years ago

Which is the best game makers software that is free?

I like game maker. its easy to program by just dragging the pictures. you can make some cool games with just the free program. a another thing i like about it is that you can type up scripts and code to do things that you can't do with just dragging the pictures. the gml(game maker langues) it easy to learn because they have a big library of all the commands. also you just type the commands as words unlike having to type up lots of symbols. some of the commands are only acessable by buying the pro version but most of them aren't.

i use GM 2! its easy and fun (for me) hey , pm me if you have questions and ill post on ur ornge board if i have any sound gooD!

I use atmoshphir. It is STILL in PRIVATE BETA. But if you get in, you will love it. It is all visual, no coding required. It also works for mac os x

I prefer coded language like python, but I might try atmospir. Thanks!

I program in c++ and html but atmospir is great for visual stuff. PS: PM me if you want to get into the private beta program ( I have the keys )


9 years ago

i migh give it a try.


9 years ago

i bought the full version it rocks!