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Games4Girls Competition Answered

This is an awesome competition for any girls interested in computer games.

The computer science department at the University of Illinois has a annual contest called Games4Girls (G4G).

Teams of up to 5 college women collaborate to build a computer games designed for girls in middle school and high school.  Cash prizes are offered along with donations to your schools department.

The best part  is you don't need to have any programming experience.  Teams are required to use the Game Maker development platform to put their games together.  Game Maker has an easy to learn drag and drop interface that has a built in programming language for customization.

I actually formed a team at my school, Union College.  We had registered and everything, but we started collaborating on the project in January near the registration deadline and we found we didn't have enough time to build a full game by the deadline (April 5th).  If this sounds like a fun event, contact a professor at your school this summer or the beginning of the academic year and form a team ASAP. 

Registration Deadline for Competition - 1/22/2010
Game Submission - 4/5/2010
website: http://cs.illinois.edu/outreach/games4girls

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Shelby S (author)2010-07-13

It's a shame I'm not a girl. :d I use game maker's coding language every day, the program is simply brilliant. Here is my current stuff: http://shelbysmithportfolio.blogspot.com/2010/07/screenshots-and-update-7132010.html

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superMacaroni (author)2010-07-13

but i learned actionscript when i was 10 is that cheating

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fozzy13 (author)2010-07-08

Ugh! I love Game Maker, I used it all the time for years. It should be fun, I wonder what they'll come up with..

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ChrysN (author)2010-07-08

Cool, it sounds like fun!

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