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There are many games out there that have seemed to escape the public eye and has slipped under a sea of top-tier titles and remain unknown to many unfortunate gamers out there. I call upon the eccentric and the wise to cast their knowledge of lost gaming gems to those of us here, and let us have a few hours of gaming goodness. Remember that this is only for the lesser known titles, not the best or worst games. Thank you, and have fun.



5 years ago

shadowrun is good, isometric game fro old consoles 80's 90's

There was one gem on the old Amstrad pc called Myth which you played with the tape input playing.There were several games of this ilk pre compact discs

Contra by Konami


I wouldn't exactly say that -- Contra is a pretty popular game back then. It may not be as popular now, but they still make remakes and sequels on the Wii shop channel.


6 years ago

I am not sure if this qualifies, but lately ive been killing time with POWDER, which is free to download and available for several systems: http://www.zincland.com/powder/index.php?pagename=about

(though i should warn that if you want fast action a turnbased roguelike is not it... it is also not very forgiving with regards to savegames - but the gameplay is solid and there are lots of little secrets to find)

Very interesting. I'll look into it some time.

Yowza -- that's hard core right there. I've only heard (And played) Paper Boy! I ought to check the others out -- thanks for the contribution. Meanwhile I will bring attention to a more modern gem with Muramasa: The Demon Blade (Wii). This is an intense hack-and-slash game with beautifully hand-drawn levels and enemies. The story is one all to its own, and I would recommend it to everyone.