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Garage Sale Answered

Tomorrow is the community garage sale (day sanctioned for garage sales...the neighborhood advertises it, just a way of getting more people to come) so, i'm going to go around and look for things to play with. Do you guys ever go around to garage sales?


Garage sales , Flea markets , Thrift stores ,Street fairs, go to them all .....around here we have spring cleaning throw your junk out in the street and the city picks it up if someone don't get to it first

I love garage sales..... I left the last ones with a small space heater ($3), a little cubical like shelf for all m DV tapes ($2) and an RC VW beetle ($1).

I love haggling and negotiating for things :) It's a shame that haggling is not socially acceptable in our culture (and sometimes frowned upon). But that hasn't stopped me when it comes to things like sickly plants (all they want is a drink) :D

While we were out we heard one guy asking if something at the garage sale was "up for trade"

I love flea markets. smelly,but one giant garage sale

Well I didn't get anything to mod, but I did buy a computer today. An old hp that runs 98. 60mb of RAM, a 6 gig hard drive. It also came with a webcam, a wireless mouse, a normal mouse, a keyboard, and a few other random adapters and cords.


11 years ago

Yeh! I love garage sales. You could probably find some great stuff for using in the pop sci contest

That's true, anything i make from garage sale stuff would qualify.

lawnmowers vacuums old computers things like that...there really useful sometimes...like lawnmower motors are awsome for making little go-carts....if you see any of these things id suggest you buy em if there cheap