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Garage door sensor repeater light.? Answered

I use the flashing / steady sensor light to guide me when I am in the correct parked position to avoid hitting the front wall. But I have to strain to see the light in my passenger side mirror. I want to install a small LED light on the front wall to repeat with the sensor light to make it easier to park. Any ideas folks?


If you already have the sensor, crack it open and see what kind of leds etc are used on the board - it should be trivial to add a wire and run an 2nd led with an extra resistor.


6 years ago

When my dad was still driving (in his middle 80's) he had gotten a car that was a tight fit for his garage. What he did to make sure he got it parked correctly was very low tech but very effective. He parked the car in the just right spot and then he made a large triangle of cardboard, wrapped it with aluminum foil and hung it from the garage ceiling over the car so it just touched the bottom of the windshield. From then on all he had to do was watch the triangle and when it touched in the right place he stopped. He never missparked after he added that.

Just stick a small mirror to the front wall so it reflects the original light so you can see it from your car.