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Gas regulators, which one to use? Answered

I've recently had two gas questions arise. Both issues need a gas regulator that I am not sure of what type, or pressures needed.
The first a a L.P.G bunsen burner I bought off ebay.
The second, I have a gas furnace for smelting that connects to L.P.G
Can someone give me some help on what type of regulator I need for these? Also maybe a bit more info on how to connect the bunsen burner up to the gas bottle, regulator, to a switch valve, then the burner.
I have seen low-pressure regulators about as well, can this work for the bunsen burner

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Re-design (author)2012-10-22

I would visit a hardware store that sells gas heaters, gas logs or bbq supplies. They will have what you need and the knowledge to show you how to hook it all up.

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