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Gear design Answered

Hello there, I was wondering if you could help me: I need a simple program to design a basic gear, a pair of twin wheels. I need to set the number of cogs and the diameter of the wheels; this mechanism has to be as tight as possible. The idea is to print the wheels on paper and then cut a metal sheet accordingly; can you tell me a way to transfer the image directly on the metal? That would be of great help... Thanks.


if you use sheet metal you have to cut it in a way that does not bend it. if its bent the gears wont remain in 1 plane i think any vector graphics software (even power point) is ok if you can keep the shapes exact and correctly centered. you need your printer to keep width / height proportions perfectly first experiment on cardboard and then on the metal cutting a stencil from the print and spraying it lightly with graffiti may just be sufficient. dont spray much so it wont soak under the stencil

Google Is Your Friend You may need to go to page 2 to find non-commerical packages.

For transferring to metal, check out some of the acid etching I'bles, such as this one. Searching is your friend.