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Geekiest Roadsign I've Ever Seen Answered



LOL, this got me puzzled until I read the comment. Why didn't they made the structure have more foundations if they're gonna use it as parking lot.

Where is this? Why?

Give us details!

Lecco, Lombardy, Italy.
You are not allowed to drive a vehicle that weighs more more than one tonne because the parking lot is on top of a building and you can damage the structure.
The signs that read "1 t" are quite common. I've never seen before the equivalence in newton.
Why? I don't know. Probably they added the International System unit (newton) to avoid being misunderstood by drivers from non metric countries (long ton, short ton...). Or maybe they are just geeks.
Geeks of the world, unite! Today they make fun of us,but we're taking the power and one day they will have to abide by our rules!

Yikes - 2 of the 3 vehicles closest the sign weigh significantly more than a tonne!

Of course, they may have had to frame the restriction in terms of weight instead of mass if the local gravity field is subject to fluctuations...