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Geeks, Nerds and Dorks. Answered

Here we are boys and girls (and others) .
How about a lively discussion about the differences and similarities between the above groups.
What about examples and even names of celebrities who fit a category. Whoops that was an oxymorone. A celebrity who is a geek, nerd or dork. Anyway I look forward to your lively remarks.

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Goodhart (author)2010-12-25

I personally refer the term GEEK applied to me as that invokes a certain connotation of knowledge, whereas nerd and dork seem to me to sound to me like it involves mostly the "lack of social graces" ideas.

Besides, I shop at ThinkGeek, and get 3 different GEEK newsletters and 4 other GEEK catalogs in my email....but nothing from "nerd" nor "dork" sites :-)

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killerjackalope (author)2010-12-25

When my friends see my projects etc they say geek, I'm not bothered by it but it doesn't fit... Nerd used to with the science, but I never really fell in that category either. That said over here the geek, nerd and dork communities are all very separated, guess there's mostly portmanteau people here

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