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Geometric shape similar to sierpinski triangle, fractals that can be made with a ruler and pencil? Answered

Recently I've been drawing some aesthetically pleasing, kind of geometric shapes, most recently the sierpinski triangle. I was wondering if anyone knew of a shape or pattern in the same vein (can be drawn with just a pencil, ruler and a pair of compasses, and possibly other stuff like a protractor) that looks cool. Time is not an issue.

Thanks in advance

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KitemanBest Answer (author)2012-01-10
You should check out Vihart's videos to be inspired by mathematical doodles.

Otherwise, try...
  • Koch Snowflake
  • Minskowski Curve.
  • Peano Curve
  • Cantor Set

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drknotter (author)2012-01-10

Start with a "Y" and keep putting "Y"s on the legs. Eventually, it starts looking like a pretty cool tree. You can even experiment with the angle between the legs and the length or the legs to see how it changes the overall shape. It's probably the simplest fractal generation method I can think of. Another fractal is the Hilbert curve. Have fun!

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jamiec53 (author)drknotter2012-01-10

The thing with the y tree sounds intriguing, thanks.

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steveastrouk (author)2012-01-10

Take a look at patterns in Islamic art.


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