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Get Cooking for the Fake It, Don't Make It Contest Answered

The Fake It, Don't Make It Contest ends this coming Sunday! That's coming up soon so get out there and make some tasty food.

The recipe has to have six ingredients or less and have at least two shortcuts.

Prizes include Crate & Barrel gift cards, Real Simple aprons, and a chance to be published in Real Simple magazine. And all you have to do is cook one item.

Fake It, Don't Make It Holiday Recipe Contest


Lol, that reminds me of something,but I don't feel like making an instructable for it though since I'm working a lot now. But anyway.... This is what my mom does for unexpected guests , she takes ready made Chips Ahoy soft peanut butter cookies, puts them in the microwave to heat them up. She then places it in baking sheets layered with wax paper. Once she serves it , she tell her guests that it's "homemade".

*lol* Yeah, my wife made dessert for a family picnic once by breaking up six doughnuts into doughnut hole sizes...the ultimate shortcut.

I have loads of "short/easy" recipes (my wife loathes cooking, and I only do specialty dished at home), but I am unsure what is meant by a "shortcut". One dessert recipe I have is one big short cut or sorts (appealing, though, it may not be).

A shortcut is somewhere where you use some other packaged good to save time that you would use making the whole thing from scratch.

Like with theseeasy doughnuts.

oh, sigh...I could do that, but it kind of goes against my grain. I like to cook French cuisine and it is nothing to spend 2+ hours preparing a meal that will be consumed in less then one. But let me see what I can do....

Ok, I think I have a pretty good dessert I have to type up. I have to wonder about the "appealing" requirement...this may not appeal to all (oh the taste would, the aesthetics may not though)

Ok, I will try to get it in as soon as possible (I wonder if I have a way to make sure this was not submitted already?). Right now I am waist deep in solving a few problems with our AS/400 insurance renewal system.

Hmm, pictures of it made too. Means I need to find a reason to make it.....Hmmmmm.