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Getting Past Dansgaurdian Answered

Ok so at my school they are ultra paranoid and dont want us downloading ZIP files or going to sites with certain keywords. Well for a while that has been making research for progects and such VERY VERY hard. Last year me and my buddies figured out that we could just use a proxy site like www.cantbustme.com or www.hidemyass.com ETC ETC. But this year they blocked proxy and they blocked the keyword "Proxy" all together : ( . Now I can barely research at school and about 40% of the internet is blocked, they also blocked ZIP files which is a major pain in the butt. I really really need to get by this block and if you all could help me out it would be awesome! Oh and my school uses Dell desktop PC's and I am using a Macbook, nothing is installed on my computer so I think it is the schools network that is blocking me with Dansgaurdian .



Not sure if this still works, but back in public school I used to add "s" after "http" in the URL to get past it.

For instance, instead of "https://www.facebook.com", it would be "https://www.facebook.com".

wow there is no way to get past it?

try www.prixy.orgwww.prixy.org it is a website that lets you bypass this kind of stuff. It works for me at my school

Srsly their is no way to get past it?

I really dont have much "Personal time" these days and I am jut trying to get past dansgaurdian AT MY SCHOOL!

Just use the public library's computer.

No I am at my school you see so I cant leave campus for pretty obvoius reasons, reread it. I cant use the public libraries WIFI.