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Getting Started with Reprap Answered

I need all of the information, websites, Ideas, anything that you can give me to help me out. I have been dying to have a 3d printer, and it sounds like a self-replicating one would be the way to go. If you can, than please do, it will be greatly appreciated. Anything helps!
See my latest instructable here.


Google Reprap and check out the wiki.

Yeah i have checked out the wiki, it is a great site. they don't have the best information on cheapest prices, and file for the rp's. Thanks!

Because prices vary. Lots of people are printing the various parts for the various models and they all sell them at different prices. Then it's a matter of sourcing the none printable hardware you need which can vary in pricing as well. Then you have the wide range of options for electronics. So your individual build's price range can vary widely. If you want files for printing your own parts then check out http://www.thingiverse.com/ .

I think your best bet would be starting with one of the many consumer 3D printers like makerbot, printrbot or cube. You can get a decent size printrbot for $700 which is the average cost for a reprap mendel, if you can get a good deal on everything. The great thing about these printers is you can start small and build your way up to a larger platform. Start with a printrbot jr and print your own parts for a large mendel. Some of the hardware and all the electronics can be moved over to the mendel when you get everything else together.

A makerbot was the first 3d printer that I came into contact with The price for a replicator 2 was around 2,700 dollars. That was a little bit out of my budget because I did not think that i was going to get enough use out of it for that. That is when I stumbled across the reprap wiki.I decided that it would be a challenge to build and a way to spend some free time. The price is what I really liked about the reprap models. I was planning on sourcing the parts from different place to keep the cost to a minimum. Do you know of any sites that could help me find cheap parts?

Well the plastic parts are readily available on ebay. Some people on ebay will even include the other hardware you'll need like the shafts, screws and nuts. You can even find complete kits there. There are many sites who will offer the various electronic components. You should be able to get the stepper motors for no more than $24 each. With some diligent searching you may be able to find the NEMA 17 you need for less than that.

Just keep in mind you'll spend a lot more time tweaking and calibrating your home built machine than you would a pre built system like makerbot or printrbot.

I would rather have a makerbot than a reprap. its just the price i wish you could get it cheaper some way. if you know of any please do tell!

Fine someone selling a use Cupcake or Thing-o-matic. They are older version of the Makerbot that where cheaper then the current model but makerbot no longer produces them. They are focused on there Replicator line now and trying to get into a more commercial grade machines. But that's why i suggest getting a printrbot. They are smaller and cheaper than the makerbots.

The only thing about printrbots is that they are mostly wood. it seems like you could find the files and have them laser cut yourself. I like makerbots because of there sleek looks and very large build areas.

Up until the new Replicator 2 and there jump into a more commercial machine all there printers where made of wood. It keeps the cost down and still gives you a sturdy platform. Like Makerbot, printrbot is open source so you can find the cad files for the frames on thingiverse. But the majority of the cost of these machines is in the electronics and other hardware, But mostly the electrics.

This brings us back to the reprap. it is a mix between the two it is open source and the parts are interchangeable. The electronics are cheap because they run mostly at-mega 2560 with a ramps shield. I just seams to me that prntrbot has a smaller build area than makerbot or reprap. I think that if i get a makerbot that i would build a few repraps.
That would not be possible for me.
Have you built a reprap yourself. If you have please fill me in.

The Build my lab contest that has just been released has two repreap huxleys for prizes. Totes (lol) entering that contest!

Unless you have a LOT of cash to sped (in fact EVEN if you have a lot of cash to spend) these machines are very SLOW.

On the cheaper models the resolution is pretty poor and you have a fair amount of work to do to get a well finished item.

In my opinion it is easier for most things to invest in learning manufacturing skills and just make things the old way.

The only machine beyond typical workshop equipment I would bother with is a laser cutter - Now that is like magic! AND with a bit of neat design you can make pretty much what you want. even in 3D

A laser cutter would be nice. that is true, that takes building things to a new level.