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Getting Teenage Cash Answered

I am 14 and currently living in South Africa. The problem with South Africa is it's major security issues. I could only do the "traditional" (Mowing lawns, babysitting) with family friends, but the problem is in South Africa all families earning above a certain amount are required to hire a maid and a gardener, so that removes all of the "traditional" methods of earning money.


Depending on how much interest there is, you could make different cool gadgets on instructables and sell them. I haven't actually tried that, but I have started up a birdhouse business in my town and it seems to be working well. Basically, find something you can make that you know some people might want, and try producing and selling it. If it works, great have fun with it.

Learn to program, work on the internet.

wellim in us and its in middle of resecion and im prety sure to hire me would be against child labor laws till in about 1 yr and 2 months till im past the limit that ive heard of so i have no idea and it seems lke theres some flaws in south africas laws/requirements so all i can say is paperboy?or mabye chimmney cleaner?


9 years ago

Could you get a job at a restaurant as a cook or a waiter? Or will they not hire that young? I'm not sure how things like that work in South Africa...

No, because there is a lot of unemployment here, and they would rather take a 26-year old than me.

lol thats pretty straight forward