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Getting around school firewalls? Answered

I am in highschool and was wondering if you could get around school firewalls by booting off of an external hardrive. I have a bootable back up of my computer and would there be any reason you could not boot off of an external hardrive at school and use all your programs provided you have the drivers for the computer installed.


Unless the fire doors are closed and locked you should be able to just walk right on through a firewall.

Wouldn't work where I'm at, or anywhere the IT staff knew how to lock things down properly. The firewall should be controlled in one location that you have no access to, rather than dinking around with Windows Firewall or something similar on the client side. And anyone who lets their systems boot off random unknown media is asking for trouble.

Short form, unless the IT folks are simply incompetent, neither of those ideas will work.

how could they prevent booting from an external drive?

Yep. A modern BIOS has the ability to password-protect its configuration, and the ability to specify which devices it will or won't boot from (and in what order of priority). Standard configuration for those machines would (or should) be to turn off booting from anything but the hard drive.

And, as others have pointed out, if the firewall is at the network level rather than in the individual PCs (which, again, should be standard configuration for this environment), defeating the local machine's boot sequence wouldn't alter your access to the network.

In my school you can't see mounted external drives. As has been said may may times here

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