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Ghost Prank With Ardiono Answered

My friends think there house is haunted, I really want to mess with them so i came up with this idea. Is there any way i can rig up the house lights rooms to turn on and off, I also need to way to make knocking and scratching  noises, and lastly I need to way to get doors and cabinet doors to open. Can this also be done using a web sever so one can do this while on a laptop? I really have no clue where to start and any help will be amazing. Thank you!


I watched enough paranormal shows on animal planet to know that ghosts do exist. The energy level your friends will be imputing into the house with their fears will be enough to activate a real ghost and you wont have to worry about arduino.

Plus judging from my current house I am renting, having a ghost will severally lower the property value of their house.

"I watched enough paranormal shows on animal planet to know that ghosts do exist."

You know, I almost thought you were serious there.


That's what you consider evidence of ghosts?

"The power failed at night, and my imagination was in overdrive, the basement is 'spooky', therefore ghosts exist"??

(I am constantly surprised at the number of people, who are otherwise intelligent and well-educated, that fall for the idea of ghosts, alien visitations, angels, gods, fairies... It sometimes makes me fear for the future of the species that we can be so gullible.)

Everything your wanting to do will require access to the property and a lot of modifications to things that will be noticed. Most of what you want to do will be seen right away because of the hardware you'll need to install.


Your best bet is to make a small, programmable noise-maker that you can hide in their house.

Make several, that play similar sounds at different times, and hide them in several rooms, programmed to play faint creaks and groans on and off during the night.