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Ghost Shoes recreated in the Netherlands Answered

I got a message from a woman in the Netherlands named Vera that she had recreated my Ghost Shoes projects with a group of kids. This is so sweet! Seeing someone super far away redoing something I made is a great reward.

It looks like they opted to make them with throwies instead of the full-on solar panels, but it's still great. Gotta love the pictures of kids with their shoes covered with plastic wrap and tape.



haha! i love seeing my projects being done by other people!

For me, my most popular project seems to be the paper catapult, although the air-horn is popular amongst my own pupils.

Air horn?? I did not know you had an air horn ible! >Goes to Kiteman's page to find out

Mine have been the sniper rifle, and the time machine. Ive had about 4 inspired time machines.

Kudos, Ed.