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Gif file won't play unless I click on it Answered

I was wanting to put a gif file in my instructable, so I uploaded it, but then when I previewed my instructable it did not work unless I clicked on the image. I do not know if I am doing something incorrectly, or if now gifs do not work unless you click on the image. I don't think people will see the gif if this is true, since you have to go and click on the picture for you to actually see the gif play. Does anyone know what is wrong?


FYI: I'm still having this issue.


3 years ago

I have the same problem...

Did you find a solution?

I don't have any idea, it does the same thing for me as well :( anyone have any idea as to how I can make this guy appear when some puts in an incorrect password?


Ive got an instructable that was written in 2012 and it stopped working too, same problem


That's weird for it to stop working. Mine is new and not even published yet.

The Robot gifeth and the Robot taketh away...

Image notes were also the first thing to get out of whack whenever they updated the system.