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Gif played after a click Answered

Hi guys!

It looks like there has been a new update on the site recently, and now we have to click on the gifs to see them.

What do you think about this? Do you click on them? Or do you prefer the look at the pictures?

I am wondering because I usually use a lot of gifs (sometimes 1 or more for each step), and maybe it is time to change this. So there are 3 possibilities:

  1. continue to load the gifs with the images (and click on them)
  2. replace the gifs with more images, and more details
  3. embed the gifs in the text, this way they automatically play once the page is open.

What do you prefer?


If I need to click on a GIF to play it, I have no way of knowing it's a GIF. Is it a bug or a feature to help pages load quicker? Doesn't matter to me if I'm being told it's a GIF.

Actually, there is an arrow on the GIFs, just like the youtube videos for example. And thumbnails for videos and GIFs are now really similar. Considering that I rarely play the videos (it takes more time than scrolling through the article, and sometimes there are ads), maybe there are fewer people watching the GIFs now.

Anyway, I think it is a new feature, and I also thought like you that it was to load the pages quicker.

Normally about 20% of the people that look at my I'ble watch the video, which is probably the same ratio for me, watch one video for every 5 I'bles that include a video. If you add a GIF even less people would watch a video, GIFs are made exactly in the places where a video would need to be used to explain the step, no need to watch a video...

https://www.instructables.com/id/Motorized-Correct... Here the GIF autoplays for me.

I think I also watch 20% of the videos proposed, usually when the 'ibles look interesting but too long to read :D

It looks like they came back to the last version of the website, and now the GIFs automatically play again (I think that's a good thing).

But the new feature including info concerning the authors just below the first images is no longer there. Too bad, I think it was a good improvement!

You are correct - from what I understand, the click-to-play gifs were specifically implemented to improve page loading times.