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Gift for birthday to hubby, manly gift Answered

Ok soo, I am in a deep problem. I want to gift something to my husband but o just don't know what to male for him.

Things that he is fond of .
2. Cell phone ( always on internet)
3. Loves bbq
4. Fan of tools right now
5. Latest obsession is new bullet bike ( indian version of harley davidson.)

Now for the tough part.
•thought of making a exploding box (birthday giftcard) but i feel it is too girly and clique for a 28 years old.
•thought of making ches board ( suck at woodwork) so it is again out ofquestion.
leather wallet ( again need skill)
• thought of making beard oil but oh well only oil???

i know how to do embroidery.
and i can cook decent

help plZ


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Yonatan24 (author)2017-09-25

If you aren't skilled at woodworking, don't try making a chess board. It's pretty difficult to make on correctly...

What tools does he like? Pocketknives? About ow much are you willing to spend?

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sabu.dawdy (author)Yonatan242017-09-28

well i have started making beard oil, balm , etc. Its more of like a gift set

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mtairymd (author)2017-09-24

I would recommend a wood puzzle. I've posted multiple versions but the simplest is the button hole puzzle. It only requires you to poke a hole and tie a string.


Since you like embroidery, how about make something funny and personalized for him? Example shown...

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