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We're Raffling off a Bioloid Expert Robotics Kit, Awesome Odds Answered

We're raffling off a Bioloid Expert Kit at our site, and the odds are still better than 1/100. Details: CuriousInventor.com/contest


Don't rush to judgement. It does look spammy, but they've been a member for a while, and have posted a handful of valid comments. For me, the jur's still out.

perhaps, but if we flag it, at least it gets brought to the admins eyes. then they can find out for sure.

That's a fair call. It ultimately should be run by the admin.

. No doubt. Robot always has the final word. Don't let the fact that skunk and I disagree stop you from flagging stuff.
. This one is a close call. For one, I'm suspicious of any 'Net raffle. If CI.c had joined in the last week or two and/or had no iBles, I would be tempted to flag it, too.
PS: I love your SPAM Alert. ;)

Amusingly when i opened this topic there was an advertisement for the raffle in the top right hand corner.

. hmmmmmmm . I'm inclined to call this Acceptable SPAM. Along the same lines as Kiteman's T-shirt store and other members' "side businesses." . As skunkbait points out he/she/it has been a member for a long time and has posted some valuable iBles (a couple of which were Featured). They do seem to feature Curious Inventor products, but in a friendly, non-pushy way. . . From the web site: "We're a few mechanical and electrical engineers from GaTech trying to make it easier to make and sell inventions. We write how-to guides, sell cherry-picked parts and tools, and also manufacture kits. If you've got an idea you'd like to sell, but don't want to deal with kit bagging, shipping, machining a case, or simply don't have the cash to buy in bulk, let us know!" . Sounds like some nice DIYers with enough ambition to make a few bucks helping others. I say we cut them some slack.