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Glass Coke Bottle Candles? Answered

Hey all, 
I was trying to think of a good gift for my mom's birthday, and I had an idea.  While in my basement, I found an old Coca-Cola crate from a restaurant her aunt owned and my mom worked at when she was younger.  I also always keep the bottles whenever I get a "Mexican Coke" (Glass bottle, cane sugar instead of corn syrup, made and bottled in Mexico), and had the idea to make candles out of the bottles and present them in the crate.  I had a few questions though.  The first one, and the biggest is whether or not the candle would burn well in the bottle, and would it get enough oxygen?  The second is if anyone knew a good place to get a Coke/cola scent and coloring for candles.  Any help would be appreciated!  Thanks!


First of all, if these are really old bottles, then don't cut them or use them as candle holders... Many old Coca-Cola bottles have a big collectors value, especially with the original crate.

I'd actually find out how much they were worth, and if you think no one would be upset with you selling them, you might get a few hundred... enough to really buy her a nice gift.

All the bottles are just from whenever I get one of them, nothing old.

Okay. Well for candle holders, they might get enough oxygen (its hard to say), but if you consider how 'hurricane lanterns' are made, some don't have much area at the top for air (mainly so they don't blow out when they're used outside).

It might be worth getting a circular glass cutter, and cut out a disk from the bottom of the bottle to make it like a hurricane lantern. Then you'd just want a short base for it... maybe out of a nice brushed metal, that would work like a cup holder for the bottle, and would also be where the candle and wax collects.

I hope I described that well enough. I can see the idea in my mind, and I think it might look really good. That way she could use smaller tea lights, or even votive candles.

To make some actual candles, you need wax (obviously) and wicks. Michaels is a good place to check out, and look in the cake decorating section as well for colorants and flavorings. I've seen cola flavored oils in a local cake decorating supply store, and as long as you can find it in an oil base, you should be able to use it for candle making. Most of the flavorings that are sold can double as fragrances. I have a few different flavored oils and you can clearly identify them by smell, so if Michaels doesn't have what you need, try a cake decorating supply store.

You could cut the top off with a glass cutter.


Use a release agent in the top of the bottle so you can make the candle inside the bottle before cutting off the top. This way the candle top is in the shape of the bottle.

Or... cut the bottle top off, smear inside with release agent, tape the top back on, make candle inside then remove the bottle top. Might reduce the risk of the candle sticking or breaking when the top is cut off with candle inside.

+1. Nice twist on the addition to the nice answer.

And the end result should be made into and instructable of course!