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Glass dome / cloche Display Answered

 I am in works of putting together a glass dome with a wood base and a model inside. I am looking for ideas of ways to have the glass dome lock itself onto the base and having the option to unlock.  So I do not want to permanently bond it I'm trying to think of some clever way of being able to have it lock whether you twist or some other way but I'm stuck .  The photo below is similar to the shape of the dome I have acquired as far as shape I will just be using a knob instead of a rope on top and then below that is the bottom base I have which is more like a plate  and not as deep as that first image 


It is very simple, for this your dome and the base should be air-tight. You can use a rubber seal or something around the rim of the dome. Before placing the dome, heat the inside of the dome by holding it over a flame. The air inside will get hot. Now place it over the base. Once the air gets cooled, a small vacuum will be created and it will lock the dome. You can unlock it by providing a closed hole in the base or in the rubber seal. By opening this hole, air will enter inside the dome and unlock it.

I doubt this work on a wooden base.
And the last thing I would want is for the dome to fall off while handling it and assuming the "lock" is still working....
Before I use vacuum I would actually go with a few drops of hot glue and my oven...

If the dome has a thickened lip around the bottom, you could raise the edge of the base and use small bolts through the raised edge to trap the thickened rim.

Usually they have nothing but a smooth rim...
Only thing I can think off is clamp like latches or little springs to hold it in.