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Glitter Sticks and its ingredients? Answered

Basically, i just think about making my own kinda glitter stick - sumthin like this, but  bigger: http://www.geburtstagsfee.de/glitzerzauberstab-mit-fliessendem-glitzer-ca-30cm-p-9878-15.html - i guess, it wont be too diffy to find a glitter-vendor, but what kind of oil do i have to use? Any suggestions


It's not oil, it's water. The different colors are achieved with transparent colored inserts or different colored cells that are placed one on top of the other inside the clear plastic tube of the main stick.


There are some that have mineral oil in them to have a slow-globby flow to the innards.

@author, honestly just buy them. The plastic tube (acrylic or polycarbonate) will be more expensive than buying all the components yourself. If you don't mind to spend more, then go ahead, make your own.

ok, to be honest: As a tinkerer, i'm a bit with a bunch of jugglers in Berlin (most of my instructables were such dedicated projects) and i'm often thinkin bout howto make sum tools and i thought bout makin a contact staff using this instructable https://www.instructables.com/id/Building-a-Lightsaber/ - he's using these led-stars and i thought bout mounting them the same way that guy did on his lightsabers and instead of a pvc tube, i'd add sum container of this glitter stuff. That way massive light would pour of this sparkling stuff. And that's why i don't want to by a single glitter staff to absorb all this light.

Mineral oil would probably work. Cheap, easy to find and won't spoil like a vegetable or animal based oil will.